The Population Genomics group focuses on in-depth genomic analyses and development of bioinformatics tools to answer questions in population genetics and the application of these techniques in other scientific fields.  

The main line of research is the development of tools for quantifying genetic ancestry of an individual. The objective is to use this knowledge to generate hypotheses about the demographic history of a species, quantify the amount of spatial population substructure within a species, and to identify new regions in the genome showing an excess of genetic differentiation compatible with the presence of selective pressures. The group also studies how to export this knowledge to other fields of research. For example, detecting population substructure is important in case-control studies in genetic epidemiology and can provide valuable information in forensic science.

Oscar Lao

Group Leader

Olga Dolgova

Postdoctoral Fellow

Francesc Ganau

PhD Student

Iago Maceda

PhD Student
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